Five years ago I decided to start blogging as a way to journal about my anxiety over turning 40. I called that blog findingmeatforty. Now approaching 45, I have never felt more firmly entrenched in the second half of life.

A born and bred Winnipeger, married with an adopted son from Ukraine and a person of faith who also considers myself a work in progress, my hope in the years ahead is to use this site to capture both the memories and the present day stories that make me who I am, be it persons I meet, places I visit, films I watch or books I read. This now rebranded site (thestoriesofmylife) will function both as a place to post current musings on the things that inspire me and to invest in a personal research project on the relationship between memory, faith and personhood.

I am deeply grateful and thrilled for all who join me on this journey through reading, dialoguing or sharing their own work over the coming years. Here’s to embracing the second half of life with vigour.