2019- My Most Anticipated Films List

It’s that time again. As I spend time looking backwards, I’m also looking forward.

Here is what is topping my personal most anticipated list for 2019:


download14. Teen Spirit
A follow up to A Star is Born or its own thing.
More likely its own thing.
And dang if it doesn’t look like an even better thing. Not that I’m hating on A Star is Born. As a musically driven film I enjoyed it. I just didn’t fall in love with it. As a musically driven film I feel like I might fall in love with this film.

13. The Mustang
Produced by Robert Redford.
A film about the bond between horse and human.
Deeply affecting moments in the trailer about healing and forgiveness and redemption. download

Yah, I’m all over this one.

12. Chaos Walking
I read the book. I loved the book and its deeply felt and deeply imagined apocalyptic setting and adventure story. I’ve been anticipating this film for a long while now. Bring it on 2019. download

11. US
All the conversation that is already bubbling over for Jordan Peele’s follow up to the fantastic Get Out is impossible to avoid. And I’m all for both the conversation and this film, not simply on the grounds of Get Out, but because everything about the film looks incredibly compelling in terms of those psychological-horror elements. download

220px-Captive_State10. Captive State
The teaser got me hooked, and as desperate as I am to avoid any other trailers (I’m already hooked), I keep wanting to get another glimpse of this film. It looks ridiculously entertaining.

MV5BMjAwMzAxOTM5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzAxODI0NjM@._V1_9. You Are My Friend
Yes, some of us remain skeptical of the idea that we needed a biopic in 2019 when we got such a wonderful and exceptional documentary in 2018. And yes, it’s hard to see past Tom Hanks in that sweater vest. But I don’t care. Hanks is a legendary actor for a reason, and I think our world can use all of the Fred Rogers it can get. My anticipation for this film remains high on my list.

download8. 1917
Directed by Sam Mendes and backed by Spielberg and company, this World War 1 film looks like it might occupy that necessary space for compelling war films in 2019.


7. Star Wars 9/Avengers
It’s hard to separate these two massive blockbuster events in my eyes. One bringing to an end an exceptional Star Wars trilogy with all the intrigue of its shift in director in tow. Say what you will but I am completely and absolutely compelled to see where this last one takes us.

And the End Game is here. The end of an era. That finality of the story we have fallen in love with. The launching pad for a new era. Given what they did with Infinity War, I absolutely anticipate this film will break all of my cinematic expectations.

And of course this wouldn’t be complete without throwing the whole pile of Marvel and Superhero driven films into the mix as an honorable mention. With Captain Marvel and a new Spiderman and finally seeing those XMen centered films getting a release, it should be an amazing year ahead.

download6. Knives Out
Moving from Star Wars to Knives out and back to Star Wars, this break in Rian Johnson’s commitment to that intergalatic saga fits nicely on that list of films I am most intrigued by in 2019. What puts this on my most anticipated list is what Johnson did with his Star Wars story. For as much as that film was an experimental narrative, sometimes for better and at times something other, it contained some of the most compelling and creative and beautiful sequences and scenes of the year for me. So I am really curious to see what he does here.

download5. Pokemon Detective
I didn’t care. The trailer made me care. What else can I say but I’m really anticipating seeing this film and I’m excited to share that anticipation with my son.

4. John Wick 3
Rumors that this will be the most bombastic John Wick film yet has convinced me to be there opening day. To be honest I didn’t need much convincing though. I am really looking forward to seeing how they conclude the series.

download3. Toy Story 4
Given my love for these films it was impossible not to have this edge out some other intriguing animated films to be released in 2019. I am hugely excited to see Tito and the Birds and I am hopeful for Missing Link following a very effective trailer. But given its track record, Toy Story 4 is going to hit me in all the feels all over again, and I am so ready for it to hav its way with me and all of my emotions. download

images2. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
If there is a film that occupies a category all its own this year it would be this one or The Irishman. I  have very little expectation that The Irishman will ever make it to the big screen, which is where I really desire to see it, so Quentin’s newest edges it out in terms of anticipation. Everything about this is calling my name.

1. Rambo 5
Yep. He’s back. And given my love for the last Rambo film and all that I’m hearing about this new one, it’s not only time to introduce my son, but it’s due time to jump back into his story.download

downloadHonorable Mentions:
Glass– The only reason this doesn’t make my most anticipated list is because it is coming so early in the year. So there’s not much waiting. But I am really, really REALLY looking forward to seeing where M. Night takes this.
Arctic Looks like a perfect seasonal film to help get me through the long winter.
Escape Room– this years Game Night perhaps (not in terms of comedy, but in terms of building an entire film around a single concept)? It could be gimmicky, but it also looks fun. Label me intrigued.
The Kid Who Would Be King– I’m a sucker for these types of younger adventure stories. I’m still sad about the box office failure of Mortal Engines. Hoping this one fares better.













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