Liturgy Wathlist: Celebrating Advent through Film

I was inspired by a recent podcast episode from Think Christian to think about film in a Liturgical sense. Growing into a liturgical environment in my later and most recent years, Liturgy is something I have grown to challenge and cherish as it has helped to inform my relationship with God. This episode about faith, liturgy and film inspired me to be intentional about marrying my love of film with my love of God by way of liturgy, beginning with the Advent season.

I had been writing a piece on this hopeful intention for this blogspace and it ended up getting published here: feel free to read this is you desire to know more about this process on my end, where it is coming from and where I hope it leads. đŸ™‚

Published by davetcourt

I am a 40 something Canadian with a passion for theology, film, reading writing and travel.

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