Thanksgiving: Between the Drought and the Harvest

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

The season that prepares us for a world in which darkness (All Hallows Eve) and light (Christmas) coexist as part of that necessary tension that awakens us to something truer, more beautiful. This is what Thanksgiving expresses, sitting somewhere between the drought and the harvest and encompassing the sin and the tragedy and the disorder that follows in its wake and informs the necessary transformation. It’s a reminder that hallowed’ means holy and sanctified and that Hallowe’een is the literal anticipated adorning of the dark in order that the light of Christs birth can be made visible. This is a sacred and holistic movement.

Thanksgiving says over and over again, “and yet, and yet”, the light shines in the darkness, calling us to those great and enviable virtues that scripture underscores as vital to this transformative work- humility, joy, love, gratitude, thankfulness.

Published by davetcourt

I am a 40 something Canadian with a passion for theology, film, reading writing and travel.

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