Reading Journal 2023: The Silver Crown By Robert C. O Brien

Reading Journal 2023: The Silver Crown By Robert C. O Brien

I was made aware of this book after listening to a podcast episode discussing the film adaptation of The Secret of Nihm. The book being a childhood favorite, I decided to revisit it in 2022. Unaware of whether the author had penned other works I decided to do a search. The minute I saw The Silver Crown come up in my feed I knew I needed to buy it.

It’s a simple story with complex themes, which should come as no surprise to those familiar with the stark social commentary driving The Secret of Nihm. All the same characteristics are on display here with many parallels in plot and theme, beginning with trading a magic amulet for a magic crown. The journey itself, framed as it is by this young girls (Ellen) desperate attempt to find her aunt following the tragic events of a fire which open the story, leads her deep into an unfolding mystery of world shaping importance. Along the way she will learn important truths about both how the world works and her place in it. The ending (track down the version with the alternative British ending) cleverly tables some interesting moral questions as well, bringing together these larger themes regarding human nature.

It’s a charming and wholly compelling literary work that fits nicely alongside the great childhood adventure stories of years past.

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