All In A Tea Bag

Was just thinking about a trip Jen and I took back in 2008 from Winnipeg to California and back around through Wyoming and Montana, driving straight through the Arizona desert heat in our 2005 Ford Focus (which I’m still driving) without air conditioning. Oi.

Somewhat inspired by a book I read recently called the Power of Moments, my thoughts wandered to this trip after making myself a cup of tea from celestial tea. Its funny how all these years later I still find a simple tea bag inciting a very real feeling of nostalgia paired with vivid memories, and all because of a spontaneous decision to make a detour and visit the celestial tea factory.

It wasn’t just the tea. It is marked on either side by a trip to see the hotel from the shining

walking across the royal gorge

and picnicking in the garden of the gods

revelling in scoring a $1 dollar stay the previous night in a fancy downtown Denver hotel far beyond our means and pretending like we belonged with the other guests casually enjoying 9.p.m. free cookies and milk in our complimentary robes

and arriving at our final destination of the day- a bed and breakfast in Durango where the hot tub pictured below provided us with a view of one of the most fantastic sunsets we have ever experienced.

All in a tea bag

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I am a 40 something Canadian with a passion for theology, film, reading writing and travel.

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