Film Journal 2023: 80 For Brady

Film Journal 2023: 80 For Brady
Directed by Kyle Marvin
Where to watch: now showing in most theaters

A perfectly charming and effortlessly likeable aged comedy based on a true story. It’s not often we get films for the above 60/70 demographic, but it’s always a pleasant surprise when we do. While this isn’t really laugh out loud material, and for a nearly 2 hour run time manages to keep things relatively simple and subdued, the chemistry keeps it afloat, and while I am not the target demographic I have to think it’s stays somehow relevant and relatable when it comes to navigating that stage of life.

I don’t think you need to like football to enjoy this film? I say that with a question mark becasue I do enjoy football. At the heart of this film are four lifelong friends who have aged together and done life together, and football just happens to be a Tradition, being the Patriots fans that they are, that they enjoy for the bonding rather than the game. It’s really about them more than anything else, with each of the four being given a nice subtext to round their characters out.

This is a safe bet, to be sure, but with the right company and life experience in tow, or even for a chance to sit with a cast of characters sporting a diffremt life experience than my own, I think this ends up playing a decent game. As they say in football, it doesn’t matter how you get it, what matters is the W. And I think this gets it.

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