Stop Playing God: Stephen Hawkings and The Origjns of the Universe

Reading this article , which maps a shift in Hawkings theorizing about the universe, or more aptly how we theorize about the universe, affords us some interesting insights into not just the limits of science, but where the science drives us; towards mystery

And not simply mystery in the sense of “science will figure it out one day”, but mystery in terms of that fundamental relationship that exists between the knower and the known. Hawkings sentiment is, stop playing God. Meaning, that not only must we learn to see from a position of proper perspective, we must allow that perspective to be shaped by the mystery if we are in fact to know anything at all

Worth thinking about.

“We’ve always thought of the laws of physics as immutable, eternal truths. And now I’m saying they’re the result of an evolution, which involved a lot of channels and some necessity and a random process. This model allows you to reveal the interconnectedness, not just between the different species of life, but between the physical levels of the universe.

We are also saying, precisely because we put that evolutionary character so central, that maybe the idea that we would find an absolute answer for a final theory in physics was misguided. Maybe there are limits to science. Maybe there is a certain finitude associated with that. And that, of course, leaves room for some mystery.”

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