A Brief Reflection on a Piece of Metal

I know it’s just a piece of metal. And this happened back before spring break.

But there is a whole lot of memories wrapped up in this thing I affectionally called Old Blue. More specifically, my, and our, 2005 Ford Focus. Creeping close to 400,000, I really thought we’d make it to 20 years. Just in time to inherit the car Jen is currently driving. But alas.

I remember driving Old Blue on a cross country trip from Winnipeg to California, the base model/no air conditioning proving to be an adventure in Arizona and Nevada in the thick of summer. The car was the first car we bought together after getting married, and it has been with us for all but the first months of our married years. It was the first time we were able to negotiate a good deal- 10,000 brand new, no tax, and free extended warranty.

Through those years we had a number of cars come and go, and Old Blue just never seemed to stop, coming to the rescue numerous times. Even after sitting for a long time over Covid, a moment when I genuinely thought the kilometers were done.

Here is a cool story too. We bought Old Blue 18 years ago because I managed to wreck Jens Pontiac Grand Am driving the stretch of Grassie between Lag and Plessis. Fast forward and I wrecked Old Blue driving that exact same stretch of street. Only to end up buying a Pontaic G5 as a replacement.

All three cars staying in the tradition of the stick shift.

In any case. Seems strange to grieve a car. But it was sad to see Old Blue go, not gonna lie.

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I am a 40 something Canadian with a passion for theology, film, reading writing and travel.

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