Liturgy, Breathe and The Gospel of John

Without going into detail, it would be fair to say that these past few years have seen some tough moments for us as a family. I shared some of this story with a good friend who happened to be in town visiting a few weeks back. We are childhood friends and shared a a similarContinue reading “Liturgy, Breathe and The Gospel of John”

A Review of Easy Street (The Hard Way): A Memoir by Ron Perlman- My 2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge Challenge #: Read 2 books that were recommended to you by a friend Book: Easy Street (The Hard Way): A memoir by Ron Perlman. Thanks to a personal recommendation my 2018 Reading Challenge is off to a great start. I have discovered a new favourite book! Or at the very least myContinue reading “A Review of Easy Street (The Hard Way): A Memoir by Ron Perlman- My 2018 Reading Challenge”

The Gospel of John Part 1: The Light and the Darkness

The relationship that exists between the 3 Synoptics is helpful for understanding them contextually, politically and theologically. John, however, remains something of an enigma, as much for us today as it was for the original readers. And this being my second time working through this Gospel in the last 3 years, the sheer complexity ofContinue reading “The Gospel of John Part 1: The Light and the Darkness”

My Make-shift, Pieced Together, Made Up, Experimental 2018 Reading Challenge

My 2018 New Years Resolution (see: ROSEBUD) included a personal goal to come up with a different reading plan than my usual Goodreads challenge. I am still signed up to Goodreads, but I limited the number of books I expect to complete to leave room for reading with more intention and focus without worrying aboutContinue reading “My Make-shift, Pieced Together, Made Up, Experimental 2018 Reading Challenge”

Rosebud: Continuing My New Years Resolution Plan

Last year I started a New Years Resolution Plan called Rosebud that I got off one of the podcasts I frequent. The process essentially looks like this: Step 1: List Three Roses- This is the stuff that I would consider the greatest strengths, successes or accomplishments of the past year, the stuff that has managedContinue reading “Rosebud: Continuing My New Years Resolution Plan”

My Most Anticipated Films of 2018

Lots to get excited about in the year ahead when it comes to the world of film. A new direction for the Transformers universe (Bumblebee). Years of investment will finally pay off in Infinity War while diversity will finally come to the Marvel universe in the very promising Black Panther, an exceptionally intriguing multi-verse andContinue reading “My Most Anticipated Films of 2018”

My Year In Film: Cinema and the Importance of Remembering, Making Memories and Finding Meaning in This World

If there is a single cinematic theme that has been lingering for me in the closing moments of 2017 it would be the theme of “remembering”, or the importance of “memory making”. It showed up in some surprising places and with surprising force, guiding an exploration of loss, grief, identity, self reflection, relationships and ourContinue reading “My Year In Film: Cinema and the Importance of Remembering, Making Memories and Finding Meaning in This World”

Jumanji and the Game of Life

For what it’s worth Jumanji was the last place I expected to find meaningful theological discussion. But it actually presented me with an opportunity to engage with my son in some heathy and timely dialogue surrounding faith and God. A likely testament to how simply and effectively the film handles its narrative. Particle Man OnContinue reading “Jumanji and the Game of Life”

Patriarchy, Coco and the Power of Redefining Family

  Lately I have been gaining more and more interest in the work of author Carolyn Custis James. She talks a lot about the importance of contextualization when it comes to engaging with the Bible and Christian theology. One of her biggest passions is learning how to read scripture in the context of a PatriarchalContinue reading “Patriarchy, Coco and the Power of Redefining Family”