ROSEBUD- A resolution that just might work.

One of the podcasts in my weekly rotation recently published an episode on New Years resolutions. Normally I don’t do resolutions. I find them predictable, cheesy, a bit silly, and unrealistic. So I was a bit cynical when I found the podcast promising an approach to resolutions that could actually make a difference in theContinue reading “ROSEBUD- A resolution that just might work.”

Learning to Live in La La Land

Wonderfully nostalgic and gloriously choreographed, La La Land presents itself as a love letter to a Hollywood golden age, a time past when musicals were written for the screen and production numbers were full of Tinseltown glamor. For a sense of reference, there is an interview that admits the movie’s appreciation of That Thing YouContinue reading “Learning to Live in La La Land”


Time to turn the page on a new year. So what I am looking forward to in 2017? BIRTHDAYS AND TRAVEL (and hopefully some ice cream and gluten free cake to top it all off) Travel in 2017 is all about celebrating the birthdays: 1. Canada’s 150th Birthday If you haven’t had the opportunity toContinue reading “2017: THE STUFF I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO IN THE YEAR AHEAD”

Looking Back at 2016: A Year of Pop Culture Favourites

I’m a little bit late to the game, but… it’s that time again. The time of year when top (ten/twenty/100) lists can be found in abundance. Time to reflect on the year that was. Time to look forward to the year that will be. And time to celebrate (of course) the stuff of pop cultureContinue reading “Looking Back at 2016: A Year of Pop Culture Favourites”


Why I still love the CFL after all these years! As we enter the latter half of the 104th Grey Cup Week festivities, I find myself harbouring emotions of another year fallen short for my local team. I believe it is now 26 years and counting since the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last tasted the cup.Continue reading “CFL: PROUD TO BE A CANADIAN FOOTBALL FAN FOR LIFE”

Book Review: Resistance by Nechama Tec

I picked up the book “Resistance” by Nechama Tec a few days ago in anticipation of Remembrance Day. My hope was that it would help me focus my mind and my spirit on the idea of sacrifice as I took the time to remember those who gave their lives for the sake of our freedomContinue reading “Book Review: Resistance by Nechama Tec”

The Thrill of Horror and the Hopeful Mystery

Tis the season to talk about horror… Not Surprising But Maybe Somewhat Surprising: Horror Is Popular Again! 2016 has seen the release of “The Conjuring 2”, along with a calculated (but highly rated) gamble by Fox in bringing The Exorcist to the small screen. Given that my favorite horror film, “The Conjuring” (2014), currently sitsContinue reading “The Thrill of Horror and the Hopeful Mystery”

From Prince To Prophet: Reflections on The Little Prince Part 2

  There is a scene in the film The Little Prince where the mother discovers the Aviator’s story (hand-written on a piece of parchment) in her daughter’s room and tosses it into the garbage. The mother insists that her daughter put aside such silly, childhood distractions and focus on what really matters- the finely detailedContinue reading “From Prince To Prophet: Reflections on The Little Prince Part 2”

The Battles That Unite Us: Reflections on The Little Prince

  “The world conspires to make us blind to its own workings; our real work is to see the world again.” – Adam Gopnik (in his commentary on The Little Prince) The 2015/16 film The Little Prince, directed by Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda), is based on the 1943 novel by French writer Antoine deContinue reading “The Battles That Unite Us: Reflections on The Little Prince”